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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nurses' uniforms: dress, street, ward and surgical!
     Nurses going to the front needed multiple uniforms.
Each Army Nurse going abroad received different types of uniforms, each with a different use. These outfits came complete with hats, insignia and shoes/boots. Each woman was to wash and take care of her own clothes.
Street wear, seen to the left and below, was of dark navy wool. (This brown uniform has faded from its original dark navy.)

United States Army Center of Military History
The ward uniform, all white and seen next, was donned by those working in the recovery wards.

For dressing wounds, preparing men for surgery and in operating rooms, nurses wore this grey dress with white butcher's apron.
And here is her linen ward cap, banded with the small red cross (and not to be confused with the fact that she is an Army nurse, not Red Cross nurse.)