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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Contribute your WWI Army Nurse to National USA Centennial Site!

Nurses of Base Hospital #19 on board their ship to France, May 1917.
Many thanks to the National WWI Centennial website for publishing my article about how I became interested in the ARMY NURSE CORPS and those brave women who volunteered in 1917 and 1918!
Please go here to read it all:  3025-four-questions-for-jo-ann-power.html

Send me your memorabilia and photos of our family and friends who joined the Corps to: 

Gates to American Cemetery in Paris, Suresnes American Cemetery where many nurses are buried.
(Photo by Jo-Ann Power)

Jo-Ann Power, Curator of Army Nurse Corps Site

Ward uniform, left, and service cape, right.
Jo-Ann Power photo from Ft. Sam Houston exhibit, 2013.

WWI ambulance, 1917
Jo-Ann Power photo from Ft. Sam Houston Medical Museum exhibit, 2013.
Group of Nurses folding bandages, WWI
Fort Sam Houston Medical Museum photo by Jo-Ann Power, 2017.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Bastille Day Celebration, 100 Years Fighting with the French! Our Nurses saved the Wounded.

Today, 200 Americans walked in the Bastille Day Parade in Paris. Much as our WWI soldiers did numerous times before and after that first world war, our men looked proud to celebrate our democracy.
Hoping you will see those clips on TV and on Twitter, I'm also eager to post a few of my newest photographs willingly offered me by the Army Medical Museum in San Antonio at Fort Sam Houston.
Here are the first of approximately 100 more which I will soon post on the National WWI Centennial Commission website. The annotations describe the photos.
In their uniforms, they look ready to go, don't they?
BASE HOSPITAL #8, of American Expeditionary Force

Out and about in Etretat, France
Our nurses walking with the French.

General Pershing meet Chief Nurse of Base Hospital #8 ANC
of American Expeditionary Force,
Amy F. Patmore