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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Contribute your WWI Army Nurse to National USA Centennial Site!

Nurses of Base Hospital #19 on board their ship to France, May 1917.
Many thanks to the National WWI Centennial website for publishing my article about how I became interested in the ARMY NURSE CORPS and those brave women who volunteered in 1917 and 1918!
Please go here to read it all:  3025-four-questions-for-jo-ann-power.html

Send me your memorabilia and photos of our family and friends who joined the Corps to: 

Gates to American Cemetery in Paris, Suresnes American Cemetery where many nurses are buried.
(Photo by Jo-Ann Power)

Jo-Ann Power, Curator of Army Nurse Corps Site

Ward uniform, left, and service cape, right.
Jo-Ann Power photo from Ft. Sam Houston exhibit, 2013.

WWI ambulance, 1917
Jo-Ann Power photo from Ft. Sam Houston Medical Museum exhibit, 2013.
Group of Nurses folding bandages, WWI
Fort Sam Houston Medical Museum photo by Jo-Ann Power, 2017.

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